Foreword: Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

SECTION I: The Science of Soul Medicine

Chapter 1: The Convergence of Spirit and Science

Chapter 2: The Blueprint of Perfect Health

Chapter 3: A Physician's Search for Sacred Healing

Chapter 4: Magic Precedes Science

Chapter 5: Outstanding Healers of Our Time

Chapter 6: Profile of a Master Healer


SECTION II: The Soul’s Historical Primacy in Healing

Chapter 7: Soul, Mind and Medicine in History

Chapter 8: Re-Sacralyzing Healing

Chapter 9: Sparking Spirit’s Healing Flame


SECTION III: Quantum Healing

Chapter 10: Your Personal Soul Connection Inventory

Chapter 11: Soul Medicine as Primary Care

Chapter 12: A Quantum Brain in a Neuroplastic Universe


SECTION IV: Energy, Electricity and Therapy

Chapter 13: The Bodymind Electric

Chapter 14: Shifting the Pain Paradigm

Chapter 15: Unzipping Chronic and Autoimmune Conditions


SECTION V: Soul Medicine of the Future

Chapter 16: How To Find Your Ideal Practitioner

Chapter 17: Mainstreaming Soul Medicine

Chapter 18: Soul: Medicine of the Future